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Hiyamizu, S., Qiu, H., Vuolo, L., Stevenson, N.L., Shak, C., Heesom, K.J., Hamada, Y., Tsurumi, Y., Chiba, S., Katoh, Y., Stephens, D.J., and Nakayama, K. (2023) Multiple interactions of the dynein-2 complex with the IFT-B complex underlie its ciliary anterograde trafficking as an IFT cargo. Journal of Cell Science, jcs.260462

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Hellicar, J., Stevenson, N.L., Stephens, D.J., and Lowe, M. (2022) Review: Supply chain logistics: the role of the Golgi complex in extracellular matrix production and maintenance.
Journal of Cell Science, 135(1):jcs258879. doi: 10.1242/jcs.258879

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Bergen, D. J., Stevenson, N. L., Skinner, R. J., Stephens, D. J. & Hammond, C. L. (2017) The Golgi matrix protein giantin is required for normal cilia function in zebrafish. Biology Open doi: 10.1242/bio.025502 (Also as a preprint: bioRxiv,

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Final published version at EJCB/Science Direct:

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Highlighted by the Faculty of 1000 as a “Must read” paper.

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Highlighted by the Faculty of 1000 as a “Must read” paper.

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